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Find Serenity in 5 Minutes with my Meditation!

Find Serenity in 5 Minutes with my Meditation!

Prior to starting Jump into Joy, I felt really disconnected with myself.

“For my entire life, I’ve been entrenched in a sea of bad habits.  They were all small things, learned through years of watching my family members; you probably know the type.  Eating unhealthy food throughout the day thoughtlessly, binge-watching Netflix rather than productively filling my spare time, not going to bed until after I “finish everything on my to do list” or waiting until it was the familial consensus that it was bed time, and carrying out my days without pausing to assess how I was interacting with my surroundings.  These are all habits that were totally out of alignment with the person I thought I should be; I wanted to be someone who was connected to her surroundings, confident in her voice, and who was enjoying a full life.  Jump into Joy helped me recognize what I was doing that was making me feel unhealthy and inauthentic.

Joy walks you through each step of the way without any judgment and is a refreshing reminder of the subtle changes that can occur once these Ayurvedically-oriented habits are more fully adopted.  It’s also nice to have a cohort of like-minded women undergoing their own “wellness evolution” at the same time.  Challenges and resistance inevitably arise during this sort of transformation, so having some support to stay grounded was a necessary blessing. 

With all of that said, I still have a ways to go, but I’m definitely on the right path.  There’s no going back for me! :)”

Kara, New Haven, CT January 3, 2016

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