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Purnima Path


ARE YOU STILL REELING with unrest in the New Year?

Is feeling overwhelmed your new normal?

Do you wish you could establish a meditation practice to help you stay grounded?

Does stress affect your body, resulting in pain, sleeplessness, headaches?

Are you struggling with finding your ideal weight?

Do you wish you could just breathe, embrace & embody your optimal being, inside AND out?


Take a moment and reflect…

What is the your ideal experience for your life?  How would it feel if you were to look deeply inside, and take stock of where you are, how you feel, who you are…


The Purnima Path is awaiting you, dear sister.

Purnima Path ~ A Women’s Dynamic Self Care program is a 10 week online course that takes you through life changing, elemental self care practices utilizing Ayurveda and Yoga.

Join Joy and a select group of like-minded seekers of embodied wellness on a journey that reveals and guides you on your unique path into deep connectivity through self referral, Ayurveda, nutrition and yoga.


 “I have known Joy for several years, and was inspired by her own journey towards improved health and wellness. She is a phenomenal role model for women seeking to improve emotional and physical well-being. Joy definitely knows what she is talking about-and communicates very complicated information in a relatable way. She provided me with encouragement, as well as the metaphorical ‘kick in the rump’ when I began making excuses about why a new approach wouldn’t work for “me”-respectfully providing so many options to make it work that I let go of my fear of failure and tried.”

-Yania P.. Stratford, CT


What you will get when you participate:


Understanding of what serves you, and what does not. 

Throughout the course you will be coached through 10 fundamental habits based on the daily rituals of self care that will transform your understanding of which actions you need to take in order to feel your best in your body and mind. You’ll be guided step by step to implement these rituals that support the wellness of every human body, but with greater understanding of what your constitution needs to thrive.  You’ll be supported and held lovingly so that you can make steady and positive steps on your path to comprehensive wellness.

Discover the daily habits that are life changing and truly life enhancing. 

This program is about studying the art of living in-sync with your body’s needs; you will be able to feel the energy, ease and clarity that is a result of lining up with the nature of your body. Each week I’ll guide you through 1 of 10 habits that have their roots in the ancient practices of Ayurveda and Yoga, you’ll be encouraged to apply these actions using tools from behavioral science; I’ll teach you those too. As you apply what you’re learning to the daily grind of your life, stuff will come up, and there will be challenges but not to worry, there will be epiphanies too. We’ll have live calls each week where we can troubleshoot and discuss solutions.

Peer support from an exceptional group of women like you! 

You can probably relate to the phrase “a rising tide lifts all boats”?   More support = more transformation!

For example, when you go to a yoga class as vs practicing at home, you usually work harder. It’s easier to work harder because you get a hit of inspiration and motivation from being in the group as well as being led by a teacher. During the 10 weeks you’ll be connecting with folks who, just like you, are consciously evolving, this makes it easier to stick with the new habits and not backslide.

The steps towards living fully in your optimal blueprint.

I work with women to help connect them with their inner healer, guiding into empowerment, for all stages of life.  Each week we connect as we build stronger relationship with new healthy behaviors, encouraged guided personal inquiry and strength in supportive sisterhood to help you become stronger, more centered, and more agile, both in mind and body; to come into your own as a healthy, vibrant woman.


And the details…


“Her ability to customize lifestyle changes for our individual needs sets every participant up for success. Additionally, Joy made herself very available for one on one discussions, which enabled me to really see the connection between emotional situations and my physical health. Facilitating these ‘a-ha’ moments really strengthened my resolve to keep to my schedule, treasure those waking moments, and love my body through deed and word. Joy definitely keeps it real with you, so if you’re looking to develop healthier habits, drop those last few pounds, or step up your self-care in partnership with a woman who has ‘been there, done that’, I highly recommend Joy’s Purnima Path class.”  – Yania P., Stratford, CT


You’re investing in your future body and overall health. When it comes to creating better daily habits, 10 weeks is a good chunk of time to invest. I realize that this requires true dedication, and this is no quick fix.  But have you ever had lasting results with quick fixes?  I know I haven’t.  This course is about upgrading your habits for a lifetime; the long haul. Your time and efforts are an investment; your future health is pay off.

Your body is your temple. When you invest in conscious, mindful aging you’re investing in your future body. This is a program that will help you make real changes in real time. These changes will impact your long term health, wellness and fulfillment. This is one of the safest and smartest investments you can make.

This is a group course with an individual approach.  That’s part of the intense beauty of Ayurveda.  There is a huge benefit to working in a group, it is so hard to make changes on our own. While learning about your unique needs after determining your Ayurveda constitution, you rise and grow with the group! 


Fill out the application and we’ll schedule a 20 minute call to discuss how I can help you step into your optimal blueprint for living fully.

NEXT COURSE STARTS July 9th, 2017!

If you truly want to learn how to care for yourself; to cultivate your inner healer, and re-connect with the great intuition within….

Apply here!


The 10 Week Online Course Includes:

  • Weekly class recorded lectures, with weekly live laser coaching calls.
  • The private members community on Facebook.
  • Simple and delicious recipes
  • Knowledge of your Ayurvedic constitution.
  • Supported development of dinacharya/ daily routine steeped in Ayurveda’s 5000 year old practices for optimal health.
  • Dosha specific care-package.
  • * OPTION to add Bi-Weekly 1-on-1 coaching with Joy (via Skype, phone or in person!)


“Joy walks you through each step of the way without any judgment and is a refreshing reminder of the subtle changes that can occur once these Ayurvedically-oriented habits are more fully adopted.  It’s also nice to have a cohort of like-minded women undergoing their own “wellness evolution” at the same time.  Challenges and resistance inevitably arise during this sort of transformation, so having some support to stay grounded was a necessary blessing.

With all of that said, I still have a ways to go, but I’m definitely on the right path.  There’s no going back for me! :)” Kara M, New Haven, CT

“Joy has supported me on my journey to find balance and peace. As a busy mom of a one and six year old I found myself with little time for self care. With Joy’s wealth of knowledge and gentle, judgement-free guidance I was able to make changes at my pace through mindful food choices, a beginning yoga practice, meditation, and journaling. Joy has a true passion for helping women to find the beauty and happiness from a life lived fully.– Amanda B, Ann Arbor, MI


“This is a Fabulous program to help guide you into Jumping in and grabbing a hold of your life again!  Joy is very loving, experienced and knowledgeable in a myriad of subjects related to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health.  The environment she creates is loving and safe while promoting self-awareness and growth in ourselves.” – Nancy,Shelton, CT


If you are ready to shift into a more delicious, embodied and blissful you, schedule your complimentary 30 minute Holistic Wellness Discovery Session Now.