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Life is short and we are all blessed beyond measure.

Life is short and we are all blessed beyond measure.

These universal truths had eluded me for many years when I couldn’t see past the dark or get out of my own way. I’ve always struggled with depression and my relationship with alcohol as a soothing remedy began in my teens. Alcohol was abundant in family and social gatherings, and it was a rare occasion that didn’t call for a drink or four.

Despite getting a DUI after a concert when I was 20 I failed to realize the trajectory I was on was abnormal or detrimental.

Fast forward into the future: I am married, my graduate degree obtained, and I was practicing as an advanced practice nurse and had two beautiful children. I practiced yoga lots and loved being outdoors exploring.

But alcohol was full ingrained in my life. I was already requiring a drink or two to ease my nerves in social scenarios, enjoying a road soda en route, but now as a working professional and mother, the demands of it all hit me hard. My only “self-care” became alcohol.

I took to putting beer in my kombucha bottle as I walked the kids to the playground, and drank daily. There were two times of day- coffee time, and time for wine.

I knew I was harming myself, my body was angry with me. I was bloated and weighed 40 pounds more than I do now. As soon as the kids were tucked in bed, I isolated myself on the front porch, smoking and drinking, until my husband nagged me enough to come in an enjoy some television together.

But I was still going to work, teaching my yoga classes, running my household.
What could be wrong??

And then one day I got a long overdue smack upside my head. My oldest son, who was 3 at the time, asked me to have him his toy, which as he pointed out, was sitting right behind my wine glass. It was 11 am. I was drinking wine while hanging out with my kids. And he knew it.

I don’t know how I thought this was going to persist, but I somehow expected to have more time before I would have to hide from him.

Wait- what?!

I’m HIDING from my kids because I need to drink?? I was terrified and felt like I’d just been drenched with ice water. Later on during naptime I reached out to a fellow yogini who I knew was sober. I came clean with her, and she served up a whopping reality check.

“Don’t wait until you get pulled over with the kids and have DCF take them from you”.

It had happened to her.

Holy shit. In all honesty it was no small miracle that I hadn’t been caught before.
This is not how my life; OUR LIVES would be. I couldn’t be a mom, a health practitioner and yogini, and continue to endanger or trash others or myself. My therapist kept insisting that I needed to quit drinking. 

But, I needed to address the inner angst that led me to self-medicate.

I needed to learn how to take care of myself.

I went to AA, and had a sponsor who was incredible. She got me through those first few months of sobriety that were totally scary and so challenging. She was with me when I claimed publicly at a meeting that I was indeed unable to control myself when under the influence of alcohol. I accepted deep down in my heart of hearts that I could never, ever drink again.

But what about all that inner ick that kept that nasty mix tape replaying over and over in my brain?? What about the anxiety and deep sadness that kept me in that protective mental isolation?

Turns out that alcohol really is a depressant (human disclaimer: goes to show you that no matter HOW MUCH YOU READ something, unless you can speak from experience, it doesn’t mean shit) and once you stop flogging your body with that poison, your antidepressant can actually work for you.

I dove deeper into my studies of yoga, and then Ayurveda, and started to deeply know myself in ways that I had suspected, but that my training and common practice as an APRN (nurse practitioner) downplayed.

I studied myself and developed habits, daily practices, and dietary guidelines that are deeply supportive. In doing so, I have cultivated self-love, honor and a most delicious relationship with my maniac kids, and this BEAUTIFUL, UNIQUE, once in a lifetime LIFE.

My life’s purpose has been unveiled. All the struggle, self-hatred and self-medicating has led me to this Divine purpose: to inspire and support women in connecting with their own deeply beautiful and infinitely wise Authentic Joy.

chimpy signed Joy

2nd year in.

2nd year in.

The morning of July 13th 2014 was met with great anticipation. I had been waiting for this day, longing for it. Measuring great success up against it.

It was my 1st anniversary of being sober. The date I entered into authentic living.

And by authentic, I mean no holds barred, cranky, pissy, weepy, outburst-y, humbled and amazing. For all it had been and was to be, it was my new way of living in my truest self without the aiding and abetting of alcohol. Hallelujah!

I had survived Labor Day weekend in VT, my birthday, Halloween, (HALLOWEEN- people!!), Thanksgiving at the in-laws, Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s (alone), birthday parties… It was thrilling actually. Each holiday, or with each shift of the season, I moved forward without falter back; without focusing my efforts on doing everything I could to get myself a drink. Nope- I persevered, and saw each holiday and day without the blurry memories, drunken guffaws or hasty statements or the constant concern that my glass of wine was empty. To say it was awesome would be an overstatement, but to have each of those days put to bed honestly (and on my own terms) was pretty freaking impressive.

When July 13th rolled around (dare I say, ticked over the finish line?) I woke with an expectation of some blinding grace that would accompany me throughout the day. As if bluebirds would greet me at the bedside with my silk robe in their beaks and little bonny bunnies would hop along as we made our way to bathroom. Are you shocked when I inform you that that wasn’t the case? Well, I was.

Even my husband didn’t show up to the party. I got a “Congratulations” and a seasoned smile, but honestly at that point, even if he had shown up with a 12 piece band to serenade me, I probably would’ve been a bitch.

I felt duped.

Especially when I realized that moving into the 2nd year I would need to get even more skillful at coping my way through social events (a.k.a. stressful experiences) that would typically have compelled me to reach for a drink. The rose colored glasses of promise of that 1st anniversary were now cast aside, and switched out for a pair that served up a heavy dose of hardcore reality; I would need to get out publicly in places where people were, alcohol was, and people with alcohol were together. Bummer. How anxiety provoking.

It is now early January 2016, and I have a 2nd sober holiday season under my belt. I am thrilled to report that time has in fact been effective in healing. The desires to drink are weaker and increasingly rare, while my resolve to spend all my newly found spare (and brilliant minded!) time doing far more amazing things steadily increases. My meditation and sadhana practice continue to grow, my conscious dance experiences increase, and I am cultivating relationships that involve deep connection over fascination of similar interests, as satsang tends to do.

The other night I had an old friend over who I hadn’t seen in 2 years (having young kids does that, as you may well know). Our relationship had typically revolved around lots of misbehaving, and to be honest, I had distanced myself from her because of that. She came over to my house after the kids were asleep, and I put on a kettle and we sat. And talked. And talked. And laughed. And talked. Then moved into another room. Drank some more tea. And talked and talked and talked. And I felt like she SAW ME for the first time in years. I felt like I hadn’t BEEN SEEN in years, nor had I been SEEING HER for years.

It was such a rich, juicy, rewarding interaction full of honest connection that I can’t remember the last time that I had felt so present and loved. And I was there for it. Completely.

I used to rely heavily on a “warm up” drink to be able to feel comfortable in my skin and allow me to converse in social settings. I’ve always been highly self-critical and would become anxious meeting new people. Engaging in small talk, or even having intense conversations with those I am close with would often project me into mental comparisons between myself and my partner, who I would build up to be smarter, sassier, wiser and more grounded. The mind can be such a bastardly opponent, right?? We can become so damn skillful at creating mental novellas that surely cast us into a pit of self-degradation and loathing. I’ve spent many years circuit training that skill set, that to have this loving interaction with my dear friend was groundbreaking, eye opening and dare I say – heart opening?  

It was a huge step for me, to have this very honest and intense conversation with a great friend without shielding myself with a substance. And yet it felt totally and completely raw, honest, and wonderful. I was open to feel all the support, and love that we shared despite our time apart and our differences. Imagine, to make a point to meet up with a dear friend, SEE and be SEEN, SPEAK and BE HEARD, without a screen or substance separating you. Something spoke to me from within that finally broke through and penetrated my hard shell that proved to me that I am Good, I am Awesome. I am worth rocking out this dear, unique and mortal life experience fully and vulnerably.

It was a huge step for me, to have this very honest and intense conversation with a great friend without shielding myself with a substance.

As I slowly make my way back out and into a world that is constantly humming with distraction and numbing tendencies, I feel unbelievably empowered in this experience. I am using this, and my practices, to fill my cup, and am thus finding it sturdy and full of the best nectar that I have known.

Here’s to more anniversaries!


Here’s to more anniversaries!

ॐ असतो मा सद्गमय ।
तमसो मा ज्योतिर्गमय ।
मृत्योर्मा अमृतं गमय ।
ॐ शान्तिः शान्तिः शान्तिः ॥

Om Asato Maa Sad-Gamaya |
Tamaso Maa Jyotir-Gamaya |
Mrtyor-Maa Amrtam Gamaya |
Om Shaantih Shaantih Shaantih ||


Are you a grateful mutant?

Are you a grateful mutant?



In the Thanksgivings of my formative years in the Midwest I was loaded with gratitude for a day devoted to stuffing myself silly with delicious food from sunrise to sunset, all while dressed in a comfy suit of terry cloth, with lots of time allotted for couch respite and reclining.  Heck, I didn’t even have to wear my contact lenses if I so chose, it was just my immediate family and a cat or two, and comfort was key.

Enter my partner/ boyfriend/ fiance/ husband…  Thanksgiving became more of a formal affair as we visited my in-laws in New England; Westport, CT to be exact. There was antique flatware, white linens and lots of political conversation among the adults.  Even though there was but one long table for the 16 of us, (and no “kids” table) it was very clear that you had to be over 50 to weigh in on such topics as the disappointments of Congressional action (or inaction, as it were) or the shortcomings of the educational system.  I was exceptionally grateful for the signal that it was acceptable for us to excused, and thus resign to a bar for cocktails with my husbands friends who were in town visiting. 

Then I was given the opportunity to provide a dinner item for the feast, which continued to be celebrated in CT, our new home, with my in-laws and extended family.  I was thrilled to have my mother in law’s trust to make cornbread, and my honey cornbread offering continues to be a yearly staple, and even the favorite of my oldest son.  I felt validated and proud of my ability to help feed family on our annual special gathering feast. 

Once kids arrived, I didn’t aim too high with my gratitude; I was pleased and greatly thankful if I was able to enjoy some hot food during the meal before having to constantly excuse myself to nurse a baby, refill a sippy cup, or collect a clambering toddler before tumbling off of a coffee table.  For some reason my assigned seat is also on the “inside” of the table, quick egress is not graceful.  Thankfully, the meals were always enormous, and I always had plenty to eat when I returned. 

Gratitude is soul medicine, and just like a well tended garden, it can yield great abundance and satisfaction. 

As it turns out, my recurring ability to perceive gratitude in a multitude of ways is a kind of a mutation, in a way. 

Thanks to glorious feedback loops and that lovely hormone oxytocin, when we build a field of grateful thoughts and sweetened dreams, the gratitude continues to come.  And with it, greater satisfaction and richer relationship, to self and others. 

If you are new to meditation, mindfulness or gratitude practices, Jack Kornfield shares a lovely exercise here.

“Let yourself sit quietly and at ease. Allow your body to be relaxed and open, your breath natural, your heart easy. Begin the practice of gratitude by feeling how year after year you have cared for your own life. Now let yourself begin to acknowledge all that has supported you in this care:

With gratitude I remember the people, animals, plants, insects, creatures of the sky and sea, air and water, fire and earth, all whose joyful exertion blesses my life every day.

With gratitude I remember the care and labor of a thousand generations of elders and ancestors who came before me.

I offer my gratitude for the safety and well-being I have been given.

I offer my gratitude for the blessing of this earth I have been given.

I offer my gratitude for the measure of health I have been given.

I offer my gratitude for the family and friends I have been given.

I offer my gratitude for the community I have been given.

I offer my gratitude for the teachings and lessons I have been given.

I offer my gratitude for the life I have been given.

Just as we are grateful for our blessings, so we can be grateful for the blessings of others.

Continue to breathe gently. Bring to mind someone you care about, someone it is easy to rejoice for. Picture them and feel the natural joy you have for their well-being, for their happiness and success. With each breath, offer them your grateful, heartfelt wishes:

May you be joyful.

May your happiness increase.

May you not be separated from great happiness.

May your good fortune and the causes for your joy and happiness increase.

Sense the sympathetic joy and caring in each phrase. When you feel some degree of natural gratitude for the happiness of this loved one, extend this practice to another person you care about. Recite the same simple phrases that express your heart’s intention.

Then gradually open the meditation to include neutral people, difficult people, and even enemies- until you extend sympathetic joy to all beings everywhere, young and old, near and far.”

“Cultivate the habit of being grateful for every good thing that comes to you and to give thanks continuously.  and because all things have contributed to your advancement, you should include all things in your gratitude”  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson


Here’s to all the gifts we are endowed daily,

            for each breath,

                             for each step,

                                                                                                                                       for each dance,

                                                                                                                                                        and each sunrise. 


May you spend this week in deep appreciation for your lovely self. 

The Job Description No Book Can Contain.

The Job Description No Book Can Contain.

I have a lot of job descriptions. 

And so do you, I am certain. 

My life boasts the labors as a mama, a wife, a woman in 21st century USA; I am a professional who wears many hats of various colors and weights, spanning from helmets to glittery scarves to feathered fops…

Oh, yes.  I   am  OH- SO- busy.  Whooee500

But it’s become abundantly clear to me that the flurry of activity I manage to perpetuate OUT HERE {{ flails arms around like Kermit T. Frog}}, conveniently allows me to avoid all the REALLY important work INSIDE. 

I finally realized after hearing over and over again that I wasn’t doing what I needed to for myself (slowing down, taking my time, getting valuable quiet time in solitude), that I did indeed need to take time to sit in stillness, enjoy the exquisite peace and beauty of nature, and experience the sometimes challenging delight of awareness of the present.   Perhaps you may have had the term Highly Sensitive run across your radar screen this year (and try as I may to avoid generalized labeling as a whole), I strongly relate to that which describe such a person.  

Perhaps it was when I determined that the reason my back was hurting on the left side was due to the way I would stand at the sink, poised with my weight only on one foot, in anticipation of leaping away from the dishes to either a.) stir a pot on the stove, b.) retrieve a toddler from their digging for a cheese stick from the fridge or c.) put clothes in the dryer as soon as the washer stopped spinning. 

Wow.  Really? Spaz much?? 

But it’s become abundantly clear to me that the flurry of activity I manage to perpetuate <strong>OUT HERE</strong> {{ flails arms around like Kermit T. Frog}}, conveniently allows me to avoid all the <em>REALLY</em> important work <strong>INSIDE</strong>.

I finally realized after hearing over and over again that I wasn’t doing what I needed to for myself (slowing down, taking my time, getting valuable quiet time in solitude), that I did indeed need to take time to sit in stillness, enjoy the exquisite peace and beauty of nature, and experience the sometimes challenging delight of awareness of the present.   Perhaps you may have had the term Highly Sensitive run across your radar screen this year (and try as I may to avoid generalized labeling as a whole), I strongly relate to that which describe such a person.  

Perhaps it was when I determined that the reason my back was hurting on the left side was due to the way I would stand at the sink, poised with my weight only on one foot, in anticipation of leaping away from the dishes to either a.) stir a pot on the stove, b.) retrieve a toddler from their digging for a cheese stick from the fridge or c.) put clothes in the dryer as soon as the washer stopped spinning.

<strong><em>Wow.  Really? Spaz much?? </em></strong>

Another realization I uncovered was that I since becoming sober, I had replaced adult beverages with being busy, while back at the hideout Son A is 5 1/2 and Baby B is almost 3 (!!!).  Life just keeps on spinning.

And how am I?  Spinning my wheels at an alarming rate, chasing some dream of arriving at this Utopic balance of accomplishment and control.

As if it were anywhere outside of myself.  

So when a Sensitive gal such as myself continues to flurry about in a tizzy, eventually I crash.  But not before yelling.  Or overeating.  Or stomping around, slamming cabinet doors.  And that is SO not the life that I want to lead, nor is it the example that I want my boys to witness and create for their own sweet and exceptional existences.


Enter Navaratri, the Hindu festival that celebrates the Universal Divine Feminine for 9 days.  It began  last week and honors Maha Shakti, the Great Goddess in her many forms, including the Goddess Durga,  Durga is a fierce warrior and she has been a great source of inspir

ation to me, as my work lies in battling the negative mind prattle and dissembling my false relationship with self.  Whatever your beliefs or observances, it serves as a timely inspiration for deep, reflective thought, setting new intentions and honoring the light that shines from within, which connects us all.

Taking all into consideration, I have set some intention to create a life worth living, and living well.

I took a huge leap of faith and trust, and scheduled a trip to ashram last November to train with Durga Leela and study her Yoga of Recovery program.  As much as this will be an extraordinary time of growth, reflection, and learning that will benefit those that I want to serve and support, it will deeply support my own journey of sobriety and self realization.  It was that consideration that I continually reminded myself of as the date drew near, as I grew more anxious about leaving my family for over a week.

I have to keep in mind that yes, my family will continue to thrive, and in their absence, I will too.  It is a much needed step that I must take to further my own relationship to my authentic self since removing the illusions I so long adhered to under the guise of alcohol.  I am terrified, and yet thrilled.  I can’t wait to experience it, and also to share it.  

ari treeAt the recommendation of my awesome sister in law I registered Son A and I for a home-school program on Friday afternoons at Common Ground High School which provides some much needed Mommy and Son time exploring, building, collecting, and honoring the greatest classroom of all, the woods.

Being among the trees is easily one of most favorite places to be.  I never fail to feel the presence of the Goddess, the Divine (or Source, whatever phrase serves you best) when I am.

John Muir (1870) describes the Hindu Goddess Aranyani as “a goddess of the forests and the animals that dwell within them, (who) has the distinction of having one of the most descriptive hymns in the Rigveda dedicated to her, in which she is described as being elusive, fond of quiet glades in the jungle, and fearless of remote places. In the hymn, the supplicant entreats her to explain how she wanders so far from the fringe of civilization without becoming afraid or lonely. She wears anklets with bells, and though seldom seen, she can be heard by the tinkling of her anklets.  …Her ability to feed both man and animals though she ’tills no lands’ is what the supplicant finds most marvelous.  …She is also described as a dancer.”
A dancer.

Yes, I once fancied myself a serious dancer.  It was definitely in the job description.  After spending years focusing on performance, my ability, and the outward expression of the movements (and orchestrating many events and classes!), dance became more work than play.  I longed to be a student instead of instructor, but never seemed to rally my self into the space to do so.

Lately I have had deep cravings for rhythmic movement…  Free movement that is balancing and empowering, and deeply therapeutic.  I know that dance will always be a part of my life, whether it’s sly shimmies while on hold at my desk, drive and dance jam sessions on my commute, or in a studio with wood floors and lots of natural light (also one of my favorite places to be), and it would seem that it is high time for that wild spirit to frankly resurface again, but with fewer restrictions and great curiosity.  I find myself diving deep into study of dance therapy and the chakras. 

More on this to come, I am sure.

As the remainder of Navaratri unfolds, all nine days and nights, I aim to continue on the path of awakening the spirit of presence by honoring my seasonal and essential need to slow down, and some authentic intention awareness.  

May We step more fully into the lotus’ dance of unfolding, while embracing the balance of light with the necessary darkness of our depths. 

Extending deep love and space to share to you busy moms!

Independence Day.

Independence Day.

This is not really our Jeep, but I kind of wish it were.

This is not really our Jeep, but I kind of wish it were.

It’s official, Summer is here!

My husband and I took our two young boys and dog up to our family vacation house in Vermont to celebrate the 4th of July. The intense natural beauty of the woods is a wonderful way to celebrate our nation’s birthday, and we had a full house. My brother- and sister in law came up with their two kiddos and their puppy, and my father and mother in law joined us a day later.

Times have certainly changed since my days of partying all night, and making things go bomb for this holiday, and we celebrated our time taking in some sunny beach time at the lake, looking for wild berries and tromping around outside.   One of my favorite places to visit there is Billing’s Farms, and we saw the dairy cows, rode in a wagon pulled by Belgian workhorses, and munched on fresh maple walnut ice cream while chatting up the gardener at their display garden below the old farmhouse.

We didn’t make it to see any fireworks, the boys are still a bit too young to take this year, but David and I did stow away for a Jeep ride during twilight to ride serpentine up and down wooded country roads and atop vistas overlooking fields and valleys. I found myself really struggling with my sobriety, and when we drove past a neighbor’s field party I had to really go within and stay present, breathe. I still find myself getting myself early to bed, which is totally beneficial for me, and you, in so many ways (more on that later), but on nights when I find that my old nasty habits are being particularly noisy in my mental chatter, I definitely have no compunction or regrets about putting a day to bed and letting it go.

Of course as the weekend went on, and our very comfortable house felt as if it were shrinking, and the walls were gradually being turned to an echo chamber, my level of anxiety rose, while my ability to stay present, and calm, started to elude me. This came to a boiling point when my husband suggested I take our 4.5 yr old son down to the lake to swim and frolic for an hour before we hit the road.

Perhaps you have a 4.5 yr old headstrong maniac, or know one… but the concept of going to a BEACH and a super PLAYGROUND for just an hour, particularly when you know that you need to travel on time in order to make it back to teach a yoga class, may seem a little dodgy.   But I somehow had misplaced my ability to effectively convey how I was feeling to my dear husband and just blurted out some snappy, cranky comments, loaded up my son into the back seat of the Wrangler into his booster seat, and started to descend down the steep driveway.

Now I left off in a huff, and driving a red, standard transmission RED Jeep wrangler down dusty roads in VT brings out the spice in me even more, and I sped down the drive way. I was still in 2nd gear at the bottom of the driveway, and started onto the road to continue downhill, but noticed when I pumped the brakes, I got nothin’. Oh wait—that’s not true. I did get something- a little orange light on the display thAT said BRAKES. As in, Um- These are no longer working in this vehicle.

And lo and behold, the Jeep wasn’t lying. It was at that moment that I determined the Jeep would not slow and stop, and I definitely had to do something NOW. Continuing down the steep hill to the end of the road would certainly be the worst thing to do, and would likely result in my launching the Jeep with me and my babe with it into the field that lay at the bottom of the road and intersection. On either side of the road we were on were steep 3 ft+ ditches. So I got a wee Danica Patrick, and lifted the e-brake to slow us down, then executed the sketchiest 7 point turn ever using some twinkle toes and gear maneuvering. I redirected us back up the driveway and parked us safely back at the top, greeted by my husbands perplexed face.

I jumped out and got Son A out of the back seat and told David what happened. Turns out the brake lines were rusted clean through and we found a spray of brake fluid all over the inside of the hood. Yikes.

Once the adrenaline leveled off, and I accepted a pat on the back or two from the loving grandparents of my children, I started to think about our time in VT, our weekend celebrating Independence Day. And it might sound cheesy, but at that moment when I realized that it had hit the fan, I had a choice, to be hurtled down a hill to launch into tragedy, or I could stay the course, take a breath and not let myself be pushed out of the realm of presence… and that my friends, was true freedom. True independence. Looking back at all the times I was letting myself get so irked, impatient and aggravated with my kids, the dogs, my husband, the in-laws, was just silly. I have choices. I can choose to be free from emotional takeovers if I stay present, and embody that independence. In a book by Ram Das he states that when we suffer, the feeling can be so overwhelming and all encompassing, much like when we look at a photograph of a cloud that is too zoomed, but when we pan back, crop the image a little larger, we can finally see the deep blue sky all around it. That is the Grace, that is the choice, that is freedom.


I did this with my yoga classes this week, and I will invite you too to investigate and experiment with being open to the choices, open to the possibilities that exist if we just broaden our scope and therefore our options.


We’re surrounded!

We’re surrounded!

Many of you who have seen me over the last few years have noticed that I have been through a lot of transitions in the last four years.  Becoming a mother was monumental and continues to fill me and thrill me, but it is not for the meek.  For years I thought it wasn’t for the sober.  When I hit just under 200# I realized that all the food and alcohol that I kept consuming wasn’t helping me.  It wasn’t helping me cope.  It wasn’t relieving any anxiety.  And it certainly wasn’t making me feel better, sleep better or look better. 

I had a huge shift in my perception…. A wake up call.  I realized that I wasn’t getting any younger (duh!), and this was not the person I was meant to be.  I am a mother, a dancer, a yogini, a wife, a health care provider, and my personal habits were horrible.  How was I setting myself up to serve as a teacher, or a nurse practitioner or a mom, if I was neglecting my self care while instead ingesting and relying on substances that were poisoning me, and ruining my body?  The ONLY body I have been blessed to have for this short lifetime on this beautiful Earth! 

A very wise friend of mine once shared with me that when she realized that No one else was placed on this Earth to make her happy, she had an enormous shift in her perceptions of life and happiness.  When I first heard her, I thought it sounded so harsh and lonely, but then I realized that it didn’t make her withdraw from her loved ones or friends, but actually became closer because she was crystal clear on what she was capable of doing for herself and confidently maintaining her self care.

It is this type of shift that is evolutionary and undeniable.  Once you realize that we are not living the life that we thought we’d be, it’s like a fire ignites in your heart and you want to do whatever you need to embrace your vision of being the vibrant person you desire to be. 

For me, that resulted in some deep recognition of what was really nourishing me, and what wasn’t, and I made some very stark changes within and who I was in relationship with, and how.  Ultimately it rocked my relationship with myself, and I have never been happier, or more genuinely lit up.  The mental and emotional improvements have been amazing, and it doesn’t hurt that I have come down 40# since I have gained these new insights into self care.   


 Mentally check all that apply.  Be honest with yourself – it’s your life.

  • You’re extremely busy
  •  You’re tired.
  • You’re too heavy… or too light.
  • You don’t feed yourself as well as you want to.
  • You want to take better care of yourself.
  • You want to eat a healthier diet.
  • You want more energy.
  • You want to sleep better.
  • You want to prepare food for yourself more often.
  • You want to understand your constitution.
  • You want to meditate more consistently.
  • You want to have a bigger/better impact with your life.

Pause and see what surrounds you…




What do you see?  What can you appreciate? 

I find myself fortunate that in my day to day living I am surrounded by reminders of how precious life is: my children inspire me not only to value the everyday magic we discover naturally, & in growing & preparing food, but to keep myself fit & well rested to run the obstacle course of our daily living. 

In my professional life, I find moments of deep gratitude as I interview & care for the numerous patients seeking surgery at the hospital.   I am often alarmed at the mindlessness many people allow into their lives through their daily habits, which then surreptitiously lead them into illness and dis-ease.  The ever present potential for alarming change in our lives, as well as the undeniable aging process, wills me to be ardently present & live life with true intention.   Life is such a gift, as are our bodies and the world we live in, & yet there are many complexities that humans have incorporated that disconnect us from our capacity to truly live in our bodies & our ability to embrace our potential for authentic, natural!, glowing health. 

Wouldn’t you prefer a simpler way to live & breathe, to optimize your health, your happiness & satisfaction?


Schedule 30 minutes to discuss your unique needs and health evolution today.


The next 10 week program of my health evolution program Jump Into Joy starts July 6th, 2015.  I invite you to join the movement of women supporting women to learn, evolve, & grow into THE NEXT LEVEL OF HEALTH & AWARENESS.  

There is only room for 8 awesome women to join in my Summer JUMP Into JOY course.  This 10 week course is a hybrid of online and in -person learning and experiences, and ends with a women’s weekend retreat!

Wake rested.  Truly nourish your body.  Live a healthy life. Embodied wellness is life changing.

JUMP Into YOUR JOY by Stepping up to LEARN and INTEGRATE some serious, well deserved self love among other amazing women who will boost you up and grow right along with you.