It is time to reclaim the natural, innate wisdom that resides within, and evolve our daily practices so that we may continue our days with vibrant health. 

I offer integrative health consultations and services locally in Connecticut or online/phone or Skype. What you can expect working together.

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Purnima (also called Poornima, Sanskrit: पूर्णिमा) is the Indo-Nepalese word for Full Moon.

Vedic women celebrated the awesome splendor of the full moon as a time of Fullness and Completion, PURNIMA”   – Maya Tiwari, Women’s Power to Heal Through Inner Medicine


AYURVEDA- the Science of Living and Sister Science of Yoga, offers a comprehensive system of health and well~being that empowers Women & Men to embrace and cultivate their inner healer through individualized diet, yoga and mindful practices.

Realize your potential for wholeness, schedule a Free 30 minute phone consultation.


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